Smart Workflow

Prescribing Operational Best Practices and Predicting Your Next Move to Increase Growth, Retention and Margin.

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Industry AI Workflow

Your brick-and-mortar is ripe with standard procedures that successfully drive marketing, sales and operations. Through our Digital Workflow, we have replicated your business efficiencies through machine learning. Our AI engine eliminates guess work by prescribing and predicting the actions that agents and advisors should take to prospect, nurture, quote and bind new customers.

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Lead Distribution

Through hard work and dedication, you have developed a network of prospects and customers. Our lead pipes extend your prospecting reach digitally by instantaneously connecting you to hundreds of industry lead sources that transfer warm opportunities. The Digital Workflow automates the intake of qualified prospects based on your business appetite and distributes the leads in real time.

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Salesforce CRM

Your brick-and-mortar is filled with customer records that organize your business operations and retention initiatives. The Digital Workflow transfers that knowledge into one seamless dashboard that is built on the backbone of Salesforce. Customized for agents and advisors, our technology allows you to automate ongoing marketing communications and transparently measure campaign ROI and optimize toward margin.

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