Rick Milenthal | Chairman and CEO

As Chairmen, Rick uses his experience as a leading entrepreneur, investor and innovator in technology-fueled marketing to set the strategic direction for Smart Harbor. He is Chairman and CEO of The Shipyard, the digital customer acquisition agency where Smart Harbor was launched in 2017. He is the former CEO and founder of Engauge, one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies which was acquired by Publicis, (PUB, FP). He was also co-founder and chairman of Ten United, a leading full service ad agency, until its acquisition by Halyard Capital in 2007. He is the former Chairman of Worldwide Partners, the world’s largest network of independent advertising agencies with 80 agencies in 50 countries and currently serves as senior advisor to the organization.  He was co-founder and Vice Chairman of WE Digital, China’s first social media agency and has also served as counsel to private equity backed consumer products companies, including advising on the acquisition and marketing of major consumer brands. He is an active investor in marketing startups as a partner in NCT Ventures, an innovative venture capital firm. 

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