Smart Harbor Launches Mobile Web App with Commercial Rating for Independent Agencies. 

First-of-its-Kind Solution Enables Agencies to Offer a Personalized Mobile Insurance Shopping Experience for Small Business Customers

COLUMBUS, OH (21 June 2018) Smart Harbor, the digital technology solutions provider for insurance agents, today launched a new solution that enables agencies to provide a guided, personalized mobile insurance shopping experience for small business prospects and return a quote in real-time. The solution, called Smart Producer, has been initially developed for small commercial and is integrated with a rater for Business Owners Policy (BOP). The company plans to expand Smart Producer to include additional commercial and personal lines later this year.

Smart Producer simplifies insurance buying for the mobile generation while at the same time strengthening customer relationships in a digital environment. Users are greeted by an intelligent virtual agent that is based on a real producer at the agency. The application automates a natural conversation with prospects that are guided through simple questions about their business and coverage needs. The solution leverages the efficiency and convenience of new technology while engaging with buyers in human ways, including personality and authentic dialogue. The solution includes a connection to a real-time commercial rater, which returns a rate at the end of the mobile experience.

“Providing on-demand, on-the-go, insurance shopping through mobile devices is becoming vital for every independent agent today to remain competitive,” said Jason Walker, Smart Harbor’s managing partner. “But the challenge is to transform in a way that doesn’t lose the agency’s brand, unique customer service approach and relationship with clients. “

Smart Producer is the only solution on the market today that combines ease-of-implementation, cost efficiency, the agency’s brand identity and a personalized, mobile-first sales approach with an integrated small commercial rater. Smart Harbor is currently piloting the solution with its agency customers.