Smart Harbor Employee Profile - Ed Porter, Chief Revenue Officer

What’s the #1 reason you joined Smart Harbor?

I joined Smart Harbor because of what the company has done and the vision of where it will go. I had a great position previously with ,a great company, and wasn’t looking for a job change, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to join a thriving and innovative company. I’ve known many of the people at Smart Harbor over the years through local networking events, best practice sharing, etc. so I’ve loved hearing the journey the company has taken and the products it was developing. When I was approached about a meeting, I was eager to learn more. After hearing more in depth about what the company is looking to do in the future and how they were looking to grow, I became very excited and was sold on the opportunity. The people here are very smart and hard working so this is a culture I want to be part of to thrive and to learn.

What’s the best part about working at Smart Harbor?

Hands down the best part about working here is the people. We are a small company, but a very tight knit company. Everyone works with everyone as needed to take care of things. People are creative, they focus the conversations on our insurance agents, and ultimately drive toward providing great products. In fact, we just launched a new product, Smart Producer, at the end of 2018 and even this morning we are talking about some enhancements we will make based on customer feedback! I love the attention to detail and the drive to constantly make products better! We also have a lot of fun, too. Ping pong is an official sport here and many people have their own paddles that they’ve brought in. I also just recently challenged a tech company across town to an Olympics style ping pong match. We’ve been talking about getting logo’d ping pong paddles, jerseys, and the thought of a onesie was just suggested recently!! Lol. We have great people and a great culture here and it’s reinforced my decision to come to Smart Harbor.

What is your favorite place in Columbus, OH?

Oh wow, this is a tough one! Columbus has so much to offer and really is a notable spot on the map for many reasons. To pick just one favorite spot is like asking a spoiled child to pick their favorite toy! Other than being at home with my wife and kids, my favorite place in Columbus is Ohio Stadium (The Horseshoe) during a football game. This is the home of The Ohio State Buckeyes football team and there’s just simply no place like it in the world. On Saturdays, this stadium is electrifying and the culture, the people, the energy is just unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Even if you aren’t a football fan (I am and have a pretty awesome Buckeye man cave at home), it’s an amazing experience to watch a football game in that stadium.

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

I don’t get paid to take breaks, so I live at work! Ok, kidding. Outside of work I’m a big TV/movie guy. I used to watch a lot of TV shows on DVR to the point that it would exceed space. Now with Netflix/Hulu it’s getting crazy so I’ve had to knock shows off my list. I don’t want to be consumed with TV shows, but it’s a nice vice for me. My wife and I go to movies regularly and we watch many of the same TV shows. Now that our kids are older we use these as regular date nights. Combined with the leather reclining seats (in both the movie theaters and our house), it’s a great time for us to be together and still be entertained. We also like going to bars to hear live music. The live music scene in Columbus is great so we try to head out when we can.

What’s the last book you’ve read?

The Modern Seller by Amy Franko. I’ve known Amy for a few years and she’s local to Columbus as well. She just released her first book toward the end of 2018 so I wanted to read it ASAP! She’s such a wealth of knowledge and she’s been talking about this book for a while, so I was excited to dig in. In general, I’m not a reader, but I immerse myself in books from a personal development perspective. I’ve taken my sales teams through book clubs in the past so it’s a staple of my leadership style. Since coming to Smart Harbor, I took my team through the book Power Phone Scripts by Mike Brooks. I’ve also known Mike for a while and he’s a seasoned sales person that has helped remote sales teams sell more effectively to focus on value propositions and messaging. This is a great read for an insurance agent as well!


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