We are ready for a HUG (Hawksoft User Group) conference!

By Ed Porter | Chief Revenue Officer

Viva Las Vegas! Smart Harbor is just back from New Orleans attending the Agency Nation Elevate ’19 conference, and we are hitting the road again! We are excited to be a sponsor at this year’s event (stop by and see us at Table 7), especially since we’ve recently introduced our integration with Hawksoft in 2018 (click here for the press release). Additionally, our co-founder and managing partner, Jason Walker, will be speaking on a Q&A panel about marketing…our favorite topic! Agent marketing is a tricky subject chock full of some strategic advantages, momentum builders, and unfortunately, gimmicks as well. Come hear some valuable tips to capitalize on the latest trends driving the independent insurance agency onward and upward!

Day 1 starts with a hearty breakfast! Can’t miss the most important meal of the day (#FunFact…Did you know that this is a myth? Neither did I until I Googled it). This day is full of valuable topics for Hawksoft’s MANY uses, WOW! What a great day of learning and best practices to take full advantage of what Hawksoft can do. We’ve heard time and time again that agents rarely make use of all management system features and functionality. This is the time to put those features to work for you and your agency!

  • Commission and compensation tracking? CHECK!
  • Paperless/text messaging? CHECK!
  • Administrative tools? CHECK!
  • Commercial lines hacks? YUP!
  • Boot camps? YOU BETCHA!
  • Renewals? FOR SURE!
  • Accounting, Pipeline, Database Cleanup, Marketing? BINGO!

Day 2…again we begin with a hearty breakfast. #FunMadeUpFact 9 out of 10 independent insurance agents who eat breakfast write more premium. This day focuses on many Q&A panels, best practices, information sharing, and all sorts of tips (what to do and probably what NOT to do!). We kick off with a session on delivering the ultimate customer experience using a math formula and acronyms. Should be fun! Continuing the day, there are more Hawksoft sessions if you missed them during Day 1, intermingled with an afternoon full of Q&A panels. Marketing, Accounting, Industry Landscape, Social/Community, Digital Office, Agency Reporting, Agency Leadership, and CSRs…oh my! Those are all in one hour so choose your session wisely (we suggest the Marketing one for obvious reasons stated earlier in this post 😊). The day concludes with an awesome charitable effort known as the #HawkSocks campaign. Attendees are encouraged to donate pairs of socks which will be given to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Way to go Hawksoft for putting this together!

In summary, lots of Hawksoft learnings to be had here and hopefully agents take full advantage of the many features Hawksoft has to offer. They’ve been a great partner to us and we look forward to them progressing in many different ways. Come and join Jason Walker, Ed Porter and Trent Boucher as we conquer the world…well, Vegas…possibly just the Hawksoft User Group conference….ok, definitely breakfast though.