The Smart Harbor team is headed to New Orleans for Agency Nation's Elevate conference.

By Ed Porter | Chief Revenue Officer

Bring on the bayou, the Cajun food and fais-do-do as Smart Harbor is heading to New Orleans to, as the locals say, “pass a good time!” Despite our attempt to acclimate ourselves to the local language, we are thrilled to attend this year’s Agency Nation Elevate conference in the Big Easy. Not only will we be exhibiting, but our co-founder and managing partner, Jason Walker, will be speaking during the session.

Agency Nation plays a pivotal role for independent agents, being the access channel for tools, tactics, and tribe that make hustling smarter, not harder (yup, stole that from their site!). We love being part of this group and enjoy speaking with agents all over the country to learn how they are growing their businesses and retaining their customers. Agency Nation puts on a great conference each year which continues to grow in both attendance and valuable insights, making it a can’t-miss experience for independent agents!

Here’s our take on the four tracks of the event.

Elevate your Story (Marketing)

We are VERY excited about this track (obviously)! This is why we are in business and why we are passionate about enabling agents with world class products and services!

Agency Nation has lined up Google to talk about the value of page ranking, the core of SEO! You won’t want to miss this session.

Other valuable marketing topics include using videos in social media, lead generation with Facebook funnels, utilizing net promoter scoring, and social branding.

Elevate your Process (Automation, Customer Experience)

This topic is built on automation and technology to help drive efficiencies through the back office while focusing more time on selling and serving customers. Lots of great topics here making it tough to choose what to attend. The beauty of sending multiple people is that we can all divide and conquer!

Apps, automation, APIs, rocking renewals, millennial recruiting, Google Adwords, and digitizing the sales process are all topics taking place in this track.

Elevate your Partnerships (Tech, Trends, Programs)

We are excited to have our very own co-founder and managing partner, Jason Walker, on a panel named Creating the Ultimate Customer Relationship. Ways of communicating with prospects and clients have evolved over the years, forcing agents to be present where their customers and prospects exist. We hope you join us Tuesday March 26th @ 2pm on the 2nd floor Galerie room for our session!

Several other topics in this track focus on communication and distribution of information. Information comes from everywhere. You can learn how to leverage the sources with your customers to help automate transactions as well as deliver valuable content.

Elevate your Culture (Recruiting, Onboarding, Outsourcing)

This track looks especially interesting. Employees are the center of what makes a business operate, and we love hearing all the best tips and data trends to help support employees.

An astounding statistic shows 70% of the American workforce is disengaged at work (this is a stat from one of the breakout sessions)! So, how do we engage our employees? What’s the direct link between higher employee engagement and customer loyalty? Employee engagement and profitability? These are all great questions that we’re sure you can find answers to throughout these sessions.

In summary, this event touches on many relevant topics that agents and agencies can learn from. If you’ve been to a past event, I’m sure you can attest to the value of the takeaways. If you haven’t attended an event in the past, now is your chance!

Smart Harbor has a great opportunity where you can receive a $450 discount off list price! That means you can attend Elevate for only $725 per person! Say what??? You read that right! Here’s the link to register with our promo code.

We hope you join us in New Orleans and if you do, please come by and say hi to us at booth 12! Jason Walker,  Steven Bruder, and I, will be at the conference and we would love to chat with you.